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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Welcome June.....The Season for Weddings Begins!

Love is wonderful and declarations of Love is a beautiful thing. Weddings are a special time of sharing the love between two people with family and friends but the preparation for that big day can be hectic and stressful if planned alone. Partner with me and I can help you with some of the planning. The Bride's to do list can be overwhelming. So much is involved with Wedding planning: Picking out a Dress and Accessories, choosing Invitations, finding a Venue for the Wedding and Reception, Decorations, Flowers, Food, Etc. The Couple chooses a color scheme & Theme and everything else has to be matched up accordingly so everything is in sync. It can be a little pressing which is why Planners, Bakers and Florist are sought after for Assistance. All these things factor into making things move along as smoothly accurate as possible. Last minute throw togethers are not acceptable if you are planning a big Wedding although in some cases this happens with a smaller more intimate Wedding and things turn out just fine. Advanced Planning is a must for a larger sized wedding it is truly the key to less headaches and or heartaches.

A wise time frame is to begin your planning a year in advance 6-8 months at the least. There is time needed to search for the Availability of things, Bookings and the Preparation of certain items. The sooner you partner up with a planner the better. June is here and although it has been deemed the month of Weddings couples are getting married at any month but there is still a serge of Weddings between June and September, the summer months. Now people are having Fall Weddings and even some during the Winter Season. I have seen a lot of beautiful Winter Wedding Themes. Whatever the time of year just remember that ADVANCED PLANNING AND PREPARATION is a stress reliever and a crowd pleaser in the end.

Contact me today if you have a Wedding coming up in 2020 and its still not to let to use my assistance if you are planning a late Fall or Winter Wedding. Keep in mind I have items available now if you have one coming up in a few short months that can be used for your ceremony. Browse my Website and see what is readily available and if you need some floral arrangements or decorating pieces made all hope is not lost if the Big Day is drawing near. Contact me now and lets talk and see what we can work out together. The first step is reaching out to me for assistance and then we can go from there. Lets get this thing mapped out and planned for beautiful end results.

Catherine Rose

P.S. Always Remember I appreciate you! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to tell someone about my services. People are planning Events all the time even if you might not be at the moment. I would greatly appreciate it.

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